Mandrill Alternatives

Top 3 ManDrill Alternatives to make sure your Site Emails Reach your Customers Inbox

For the past few years ManDrill has been a very helpful tool for GuestCrew. We used to send all of our site emails via. Mandrill. Do note that this is not like sending newsletters – for that we have Aweber, MailChimp, Mailerlite and many other such services. Will do a roundup on those later.

This is different – and here is how this can help you. Let’s say, someone commented on your blog post and you want to send them a quick thank you email. Or say, they left you a message in your contact us and you want to …

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$1800 Yearly Budget for Daily Cash Contest

We are starting a Daily Cash Contest on AmplifyBlog with a $1800 yearly budget. This way, we can make sure that the contest keeps running for ever.

Surely, this isn’t the first time we are running a daily cash contest, if you recall last year – we did such a contest on GuestCrew as well. However, it was only run for a month and since GuestCrew is still under updates, this time we decided to run this contest on AmplifyBlog.

This is going to be fairly simple – all you need to do is, post comments on AmplifyBlog and …

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10 Years of SEO

10 Years of SEO – What’s In, What’s Out and What’s In Again

Meta tags.

Hidden keywords.

Blog networks.

Spinning articles.


Penguin. Panda.

All tactics and phrases of a world that has passed us by and left us reeling.

Search engine optimization changes with the times, and boy how times have changed in the last decade. Ten years SEO was in its childhood. The first manipulation – both good and bad – of Google search results started closer to fifteen years ago. Those were the days of cloaking, redirects, and duplicate content galore. Google warned webmasters that the end was nigh, and many didn’t believe it.

10 Years of SEO
10 Years of SEO

And they …

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10 Tips to Leverage the Power of Kingged

Are you looking for some extra traffic?

Not getting enough comments or social shares on your blog posts?

In a nutshell – your blog lacks engagement?

If your blog is on the Internet Marketing niche covering topics like social media, blogging etc. then it’s time for you to get active on

Am sure you must be wondering – another social network?

Exactly what I need – more time to waste on the social media! And then there is Facebook with over 1.3 Billion+ members it should automatically become your number 1 site for networking, right?

Wrong! And here’s …

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Social Media Trends

15 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For In 2015

Social media is changing in 2015. It is becoming more integrated and more personal at the same time. This trend started in 2014, but this year it is going to snowball.

Main stream businesses are going to be using social media accounts to talk to customers. Customers will expect every business to have a Twitter account and to use it. Pinterest images of your business need to be on your to-do list. Fellow professionals will expect you to have a LinkedIn account.

How you use your social accounts is definitely going to change this year. You don’t have to adopt …

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Web 2.0 Blogging – 7 Places to Maintain a Blog outside of your Own Domain

You think blogger’s life is difficult?

One needs to churn several thousand words a day to keep their blog afloat.

Why do we need to do this?

To grow an audience on your own blog,  you need to capture that audience from places that are already active. Platforms like Linkedin have 364 Million registered users! Don’t you want to get a slice of that?

The easiest way is to start maintaining an active blog on linkedin and several other such places.

Your primary goal is to have the best content possible on your own blog and on top of that, …

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Top 15 Tips to Flip a Blog Successfully for $11,500+

Everyone wants a 5+ figure income from flipping their blogs. Unfortunately for them, most people only get what their blog deserves. Fair?

Surely with sites like Flippa around – having deep pocket site buyers, there is no way you should miss out on a good deal.

So, how to make your blog irresistible for the buyers? How to get the best ROI from your blog?

And heck! Why $11.5k?

That was the amount that I got from my previous blog sale. On we only talk about what we have successfully done. No BS.

1) Show your income – …

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Hey Everyone! Uttoran Sen is back on his Blog!

Hey Everyone!

Hello and Welcome!

Uttoran Sen is back and he is blogging again.

It has been a very long time – I have been busy – and in the years that had passed – this blog – – has been badly ignored.

When I registered this domain, back in 2007 – my plan was to make a personal blog on it. My name is – Uttoran Sen, and having an exact match .com domain for my name is all that I could wish for. And so – the blog started.

There were many posts on this blog – …

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47 Outlandish Ways to Inspire Writing

A blank document stares you in the face. Go ahead – write something down – make my day! The blinking cursor taunts you as you try to find something decent to write.

Your mind is blank. It’s writer’s block. You give up. Blah.

But before you hit that big X in despair, do yourself a favor. Seek out real inspiration.

Your mind is not a blank slate, even if it feels that way. Instead it’s a veritable font of information and ideas, but the trick is to get those creative juices flowing properly.

You can try the usual methods of …

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