60 Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Mar 8th

60 single sink bathroom vanity – Installing a new sink in the bathroom vanity is not as complicated or time consuming as installing a new cabinet, and requires fewer measurements. You need to be comfortable with connecting plumbing components and working with plumber’s putty. A person with a plumbing project experience can install a new sink in less than 30 minutes, while others with little or no plumbing experience need an hour or less for the project.


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Hang new 60 single sink bathroom vanity between two trestles. Press plumbers putty in the groove on the side of the crane’s putty plate. Place the putty plate in position over the holes in the new sink. Slide crane components through the holes already in the sink. Add under the sink, being careful not to encounter ticks, and tighten the washers and nuts on the bottom of every crane component. Evenly apply silicone to seal the edge of the opening in vanity top. Lower the sink into the opening and wipe away the dense jetting between the sink and vanity top.

Apply plumbers putty on the lip of the 60 single sink bathroom vanity drain assembly, press the drainage unit securely in place in the hole in the bottom of the sink. Wrap plumbers tape clockwise around the drain fitting threads. Slide rubber washer over the bottom of the drain assembly under the sink, then tighten the large nut over the washer using a wrench. Tighten the tailpiece of the drain device using a wrench, then thread the other pipe connections together in the sink drain, tightening by hand or with a wrench. Wrap plumbers tape clockwise around the pipe stems and water supply valve threads. Unscrew water supply hose to the pipe stems at the base of the crane, and then unscrew the hoses on the ports of the water supply valves. Turn the valve handle clockwise to start the water flow to the faucet and check for signs of leakage.

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