Antique Bathroom Cabinet Design Plans

Feb 29th

Bathroom cabinet design plans – best bathroom cabinet ideas not just turn wasted space into a convenient storage area, but also add an artistic accent to your bathroom. Whether you are installing low-cost “stock” pieces or expensive custom-made pieces, update your cabinets creates a new look and feel for your entire bathroom. Assorted bathroom cabinet styles also use a wide range of door designs, including framed plain, carved, stained glass and tiles inset.

Combine modern plumbing with an antique style to a freestanding bathroom cabinet with a touch of class. A rich, polished rose marble counter crowns rounded dark oak cabinet with carved lion-claw feet for an old-fashioned look. A golden, swan-shaped faucet with flower-shaped handle provides water and an attractive decoration. Golden flower-shaped studs on each cabinet door echo faucet style and balance decorative elements of overall piece.

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Soft yellow and cobalt blue add a cheerful feel to a boring bathroom. Simple, square, cobalt blue wooden doors echo simple square shape of bathroom cabinet design plans Large; sunflower-shaped plastic handles on center of each door provides a bold shock of color. Sunflower-patterned tile trim edges of soft yellow tile countertop to a colorful but not overwhelming decoration. A white porcelain sink and brass faucet-color complementary to lightest and darkest shades of sunflowers handles.

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Turn your bathroom into an indulgent retreat with an elegant double casing consists of a vanity table squeezed between his and her cabinets. Wines cuts trim two dark mahogany doors on each wide, rectangular personal locker for a rich style. Sleek mahogany drawers trim each side of open vanity table. A sleek, square mahogany stool contains matching seating to table.  Polished slabs of ivory marble top cabinets and vanity table to balance dark shades of mahogany bathroom cabinet design plans. Matching marble sinks and round door / drawer knobs provide a lush accent. Vine-neckline decorated mahogany mirrors hang behind each large cabinet and echo details of doors.