Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Small Bathroom

Mar 10th

Bathroom cabinet ideas for small bathroom – Not having enough storage space are a common problem in small bathrooms. Where do you stow your cosmetics? How do you keep cleaning products out of sight? Where to put extra towels? With a little imagination and some space-saving products, you can solve the space crunch in your bathroom.

Wall Ladder

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You will discover that a wall ladder is a great way to store extra towels in a small bathroom. It will save space because it’s not bulky. You can hang multiple towels at once because of the many slats on the ladder. Wall ladders bathrooms are often made of wood requires no assembly and is generally easy to move around. You see hardly medicine bathroom cabinet ideas for small bathroom anymore, but the medicine cabinet is particularly useful in small bathrooms. A medicine cabinet with a mirrored door is even more useful. Get your medicine, cosmetics, toothbrush, dental floss and hair spray off the counter and stow them in the cabinet.

Over-the-Toilet shelf

One of the best storage solutions for a bathroom cabinet ideas for small bathroom is probably an over-the-toilet shelf. These are designed to fit around and over your toilet, saving valuable floor space in your bathroom. Some over-the-toilet shelves, three or four shelves and others have a combination of shelves and a cupboard. You can hold all sorts of things on the shelves, from the toilet to the folded towels to toilet and bathroom accessories. Over-the-toilet shelves available in various woods and metals.

No matter what kind of a sink you, you will be able to use the space under your sink for storage. Of course, if you have a bathroom vanity cabinet can be used as storage. Bathroom cabinet ideas for small bathroom if you have a pedestal sink or a wall-mounted sink do not let the space below to go to waste. Some bathroom accessories manufacturers make special storage accessory that fits over both sides of a pedestal sink. Another solution is to sew a fabric skirt for your sink and attach it with Velcro. It will hide things that you store under the sink.

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