Bathroom Counter Cabinets Ideas

Jul 17th

Bathroom counter cabinets – Not long ago, the bathroom was purely utilitarian; with three basic pieces and white tiles on the walls and floor. Now they are expected to be as a personal spa; a place that reflects your style, and a place where you want to come and relax. Picking the right bathroom cabinet is an important part of your bathroom design. Not only cabinet set the style, but they give you some all-important extra storage.


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The type of bathroom counter cabinets that you choose depends largely on the size of the bathroom. For example, for smaller rooms, there are types that fit in corners or mounted on the wall. Another good choice would be a vanity and cabinet combination. For larger bathroom, you can combine vanities and cabinets to make such a large device that you need.


Wall cases go far beyond the old-fashioned medicine cabinet. They offer so much more space. There are short styles that can fit above the sink with double doors and two small drawers or a towel rod beneath. There are more styles with two doors and lots of shelves for storage of everything from soap to towels. Corner styles use a forgotten, unused space. They go from floor to ceiling and while each shelf is not so big, there are enough to provide plenty of storage for small items. The vanity has storage cupboards under. They come in single sink styles starting at 30 inches wide and double sink styles that go up to 72 inches wide. Floor standing bathroom counter cabinets has two doors with drawers underneath and you can find the matching wall mounted units.


There are no bathroom counter cabinets that have a specific function that linen closet. There are wall-mounted devices with narrow shelves and is only to store medications. Some models will have boxes with partitions only for storing makeup. But the most important feature allows you to take a basic vanity cabinet and put in so many other floor and wall cabinets you need.

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