Bathroom Mirrors Pinterest Ideas

Mar 8th

Bathroom mirrors pinterest – Round, square, rectangular, with original geometric designs … the shape is one of the features in which we look more when we go to acquire the mirror our bathroom. But beyond its shape, we must also look at the size and where to place it. On the one hand, the ideal is that we buy a mirror with which we see the whole head and upper torso, but if the family members are very different heights will be more difficult to reach an agreement.  A small ledge in the mirror does not seem to offer us much storage space, but it may be just what you need to clear the area attached to the sink. Creams, lipsticks, lenses or combs can find their place on the small mirror shelf.

One step further goes the bathroom mirrors pinterest attached to the furniture. Very popular during the seventies and eighties, these mirrored storage pieces have been renewed and updated and are still as current as they were then, given their great functionality. This is a great option if our bathroom is small or if we need extra space to store personal hygiene products. One of the functions of the decorative mirror is to expand the spaces. If you want your bathroom to look bigger than it is, and brighter, choose a mirror that sits across the top of the wall. Do not limit it to the area of ​​the sink and let it spread all over the wall.

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When deciding on a style or another decoration in the bathroom mirrors pinterest, the frame has the key. A modern and enameled one will give a more modern air to your bathroom, while a baroque or with many golden will create a classic and elegant atmosphere. Another option is, as we see in this photograph, to combine different styles and to transgress little established norms, as they have done with this mirror, that part of a pompous golden frame to finish leaving half of mirror without framing.

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