Best Desert Landscaping Ideas at Home

Dec 22nd

Desert landscaping ideas – When it comes to deserts, we often remember world of sand dunes and cacti with sun. Moreover, desert also reminds gods, Arab knights, princesses, illusions, camels and fine golden sand spread to horizon. It’s a familiar desert for all of us. Desert is arid but hidden in it is beauty of strong vitality. Today, with modern technology and creativity of people, familiar landscape of desert is reflected in both wet climate. Watching, desert inspired has been put into cottage garden design subtle to how.

Backyard Desert Landscaping Ideas Free

If desert landscape makes you think of sparse, faith ugly cactus again. Not only flowering cactus are beautiful, a variety of other plants that can live in low-water zones can be utilized. Blooming cactus include them as they jump cholla and calico cactus that produces bright purple flowers in blooming season. Other big for deserts aping plants have Joshua tree, bottle brush, paloverde, agave and ocotillo. If you live in a cold area, is to create a desert landscaping ideas remains an option. Just make sure that plants you choose, weather cold.

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Some winter hardy cacti Echinocereus include Triglochidiatus, also known as Claret Cup and strawberry cactus, Echinocereus Viridiflorus, green, flowering hedgehog and Escorbaria Vivi Para, beehive cactus. Remember that desert plants need well-drained, sandy soil. Xeriscaping is another way to describe landscaping methods that Save water. Desert landscaping makes perfect solution when deciding to xeriscape. word “xeriscape” itself comes from Greek word “xero” meaning dry, and is a popular method of landscaping in arid areas, as well as a popular way to simply create landscaping that requires little water.

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In addition, incorporating a rock garden is not only important for a desert landscaping ideas, but also works well to inhibit soil erosion and requires little watering. Place large rocks throughout garden beds will add to effect of a desert. But when stone in a small space, avoid excessive rock configurations, which only add confusion to a simple landscape solution.