Best Small Bathroom Layout Ideas

Feb 26th

Small bathroom layout ideas – Time passes, we change, world around us changes, however, our house does not change unless we decide to do so. Taking initiative to remodel rooms of our home is essential to not live forever in a scenario anchored in last century. Today we offer you some ideas of decoration for small modern bathrooms, we hope that thanks to them you get to have bathroom of your dreams for very small that is! In a small space you can use space to integrate both shower and bath, so we can have two in one. As always, key is to know how to distribute all elements so that everything fits.

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Look at these small bathroom layout ideas that with little space available you get perfect balance: beautiful, cozy and organized. It is new trend in decoration of modern small bathrooms, and is that washbasins with rectangular or oval pica are most comfortable and modern, adapt better to space and get better. In addition, that cabinet is supported on wall without need of legs, allows optimize maximum stay, do not you think a great idea? Toilets are ideal especially in small modern baths of rectangular distribution. Elongated washbasins allow placement of two spikes, one next to other, a great idea if you share bathroom at home (goodbye to queues to get ready!).

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For small bathroom layout ideas to look more spacious, instead of traditional shower curtains, some designs include transparent glass doors that will give a modern and orderly finish. To store towels and other items that are usually used in bathroom, there are various forms of storage. A cabinet under sink with doors allows you to hide them and see a more organized environment. Very used furniture is those that are placed on toilet. On it you can include boxes or decorative baskets to place necessary.