Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace: Sustainable and Clean!

Nov 19th

Bio ethanol outdoor fireplace – The chimneys have something that no other heating system can mimic: magic. The flames and their particular dance are hypnotizing, while creating an inimitable warm and welcoming atmosphere. The problem is that not all homes have a fireplace or the possibility of installing one … but not everything is lost, in fact, we have good news for those who want to warm their house while they contemplate the movement of the flames: these are the chimneys of Bioethanol . We tell you it features, advantages and disadvantages!

Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace Uk

Bioethanol chimneys, also known as biochimeneas, are one of the most environmentally friendly alternatives on the market, as they do not produce smoke or generate waste. The alcohol that makes them work is of plant origin and is produced from the fermentation and subsequent distillation of crops such as sugar cane, beet, corn, wheat, barley or rye.  Its combustion is totally odorless, as long as a denatured quality bio ethanol outdoor fireplace is used at 96º. And also, you can add a few drops of essence to perfume the environment.

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This is the main advantage for those who want to have a fireplace at home, but they cannot or do not want to have to do any additional installation for the extraction of fumes. Bioethanol chimneys do not need it, nor do they need any kind of connection. Simply place the fireplace where you want and turn it on.  Many models are mobile, so you can even move and change them whenever you want.

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Bio ethanol outdoor fireplace can also be integrated into the wall, so follow the instructions and recommendations of each manufacturer. When burned, bioethanol gives off a high calorific value. 100% of the calories it emits remain in the room where it is operating without risk of losses, since without a fireplace, there are no leaks. In this sense, there is a certain saving margin compared to other heating systems.  The duration of the combustion depends on the capacity of the tank and the intensity of the flame.