Fresh Redo Bathroom Cabinets Paint

Feb 23rd

Redo bathroom cabinets – A few coats of paint can rejuvenate worn bathroom cabinets, whether you are painting over old layers of paint or covering up an obsolete wood pattern. Lighter colors will help a small bathroom feel larger while some darker colors will give any size bathroom a modern look. Choosing a paint color for your bathroom cabinets not only complements the wall color, but also works with colors in your countertop and flooring. White is a classic color choice for bathroom cabinets, giving the room a clean, old-fashioned feel.

Redo bathroom cabinets in white complement almost any color and will contrast dramatically with a dark granite countertop. For a more casual look, reminiscent of a beach hut, paint bathroom cabinets white and the walls a pale blue or green. Accent with ocean-themed accessories, like colorful framed fish prints and bowls of pale pink seashells. Give your freshly painted white or beige bathroom create a unique finish of antique and glazed them. Mix three parts glaze to one part black or brown paint and paint the edges of the cracks, leaving a thin line. Generously apply the glaze on the entire surface with a brush and wipe the excess with a rag.

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Add to your antique cabinets fashioned charm by installing crystal hardware. Create a colorful statement by painting your redo bathroom cabinets with a two-tone color washing, such as yellow and blue. Paint the base color – yellow – so mix a little glaze in the blue paint, slapping it with random strokes of a paintbrush. Feathers paint with a dry brush or rub it around and partly out of a soft look. Finish your cabinets with gleaming silver or platinum hardware for a modern feel. Using an aqua-tinted primer with a darker blue top coat creates an effect similar to water.

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