Good Bevelled Bathroom Mirrors

Feb 24th

Bevelled bathroom mirrors – Generally, when designing a bathroom, two types of lighting must be taken into account: A comprehensive covering the entire bathroom and another point that helps us to see ourselves in the mirror, he does not think uncomfortable shadows and allow us to look good face. Walls superimposed on the mirror: To achieve a singular effect, there is the option of placing the wall anchored on the mirror itself, so that it is born from it. This option is also very useful when the mirror covers the entire wall of the sink.

The only requirement is to have well thought out the situation of the point of light, since once made the hole in the bevelled bathroom mirrors there is no possibility to modify. Depending on the chosen model, the balance will be tilted more towards the decorative side than the practical one, but choosing a luminaire that gives good light both aspects can be covered. In the aesthetic aspect it gives a lot of play, being able to place a set of several lamps on one side of the mirror or one on each side of the sink to create symmetry.

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There are many models that bring light installed and usually carry one or two fringes. Depending on the proportion of the mirror will come in horizontal or vertical. In this type of bevelled bathroom mirrors it is advisable to take into account the total width and if the lighting is based on fluorescent, since if it exceeds certain measure, it is necessary to include two lamps and the light line effect will be interrupted by the change of fluorescent. If what we are looking for is first and foremost a subtle illumination, where the light source is not seen, creating a gap in the ceiling from where the light emanates, is without a doubt one of the best options to achieve an ambience relaxing.

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