Lava Rock Vs Mulch Landscaping Ideas

Sep 21st

Mulch landscaping ideas – Mulch serves a number of purposes in a landscape. They lay around the base of plants, mulch helps the soil retain moisture and keeps cool and also prevents the growth of weeds. Various mulch, such as traditional wood-chip mulch and lava stones, creating different looks in a landscape, and also give some varying benefits. The main difference between the traditional wood-chip mulch and lava rock is the way they interact with the environment. As an organic material, wood-chip mulch naturally degrades over time and generally disappears in a landscape after one to two years. Because of this, wood-chip mulch replaced periodically. Lava Stone, on the other hand does not break down and give years of coverage without the need for replacement.

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The natural decomposition of wood-chip mulch actually offers some advantages to the ground. As wood breaks down, blended nutrients in the tree in the ground, to provide a richer growing environment. Wood chips are generally cheaper than lava rock as well. As they attract insects and retain moisture, but wood chips not advisable to use against the sides of buildings, while lava stone is a good alternative for such places. For certain landscape use may be necessary to use wood-chip mulch or lava rock in conjunction with other types of mulch landscaping ideas, such as large gravel or pieces of wood. Since both mulch is lightweight, either wood or lava rocks serve as a good opportunity for the slopes.

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Wood chip and lava rock mulch is also bad choices open fields that get a lot of wind. Because the lightweight nature of the materials that allows them to blow away easily. Whatever type of mulch landscaping ideas, you should listen to the same basic rules when it comes to use. Apply 1-2 inches of mulch around the base of plants, but not allow the mulch to directly affect the plant stem or trunk. Try to cover most of the root system. Although this varies from plant to plant, is a rule of thumb to mold the same diameter around the plant as the height of the system or, in the case of a tree, the diameter of the crown of the tree.

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