Magnificent Full Wall Bathroom Mirror

Feb 22nd

Full wall bathroom mirror – Mirrors are a great tool for gaining space in small spaces. Large mirrors located in extra-legal places have the ability to increase the feeling of depth, contributing to visually expand the room. Why not use them to visually enlarge the bathroom? If you want to visually enlarge your bathroom, a mirror without square or rectangular frames that extends from ceiling to floor will become your best ally. That same mirror will also contribute to enhance the light of the bathroom and make it more practical.

In a shared bathroom everyone ends up fighting over a piece of full wall bathroom mirror. Betting on a large dimension will not only help to avoid that small daily inconvenience but also aesthetically extend the room and achieve greater luminosity. And the latter are our purposes today. What kind of mirror do we look for? To fulfill our purposes, the best option is to opt for a mirror of large dimensions without frame that covers a whole wall from the ceiling to the floor. Look at the first image. When the mirror does not reach the floor the feeling of depth is lost.

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Where do we place the mirror? We must keep in mind that the mirror will reflect the opposite wall and this image will be magnified. It is therefore appropriate to place it in front of a clean and orderly wall, which has some “grace”. One of the most interesting locations is in front of a window with nice outside views.  This wall is made to agree with the sink, so that in addition to achieving our purposes, it is practical. To this end, an area of increase in the full wall bathroom mirror is also added. An element that we must take into account will raise the cost of it. As for the washbasin, it is best if we opt for a floating design with simple lines. It would do no good to place a mirror wall and then cover it.

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