New Painting Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Oct 2nd

Painting bathroom ceramic tile – Contrary to popular belief, bathroom changes do not have to ruin you. Painting over old and outdated ceramic tiles will obviously immediately transform a bathroom. If you use right products, with correct preparation and recommended application, your bathroom will look like new when finished, and it is really easy and economical. Select right paint, you must take into account that for every need exists in paint market a perfect product. For bathrooms with high humidity levels, there are 2 part epoxy paints available for use on wall tiles.

Be sure to use reputable products on market. Most expensive brands are not always best or ones that allow a long lasting and extremely durable finish on tiles look for advice almost all big stores give it for free, it is not possible to painting bathroom ceramic tile with common paints. Before you begin, make sure tiles are clean. Use hot water with soap and a nylon sponge to remove debris from dirt. Eliminate any signs of mold (accumulated mostly in joints) with help of an anti-fungal cleanser. Rinse with clean water and allow drying. As in any design of decoration, I protected areas that you do not want to paint.

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Use masking tape to cover edges of walls, cabinets and any surface you want to protect and for floor, use newspapers or old sheets. Before starting to paint, apply a base and allow to dry for four hours (if you use a special painting bathroom ceramic tile you do not need to apply base – simply go to next step). Except for very small surfaces, it is best to use roller for better coverage. Use brush to paint joints and to spread edges. Apply two hands of Tile Enamel; allow drying at least four hours before applying second layer. Wait 24 hours before exposing newly painted tiles to water and use non-abrasive cleaning products to keep them in excellent condition for much longer.

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