Pinterest Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Nov 20th

Pinterest outdoor fireplace is a stylish touch to any backyard, but it’s also a way to extend the hours you spend enjoying your outdoor space. Right fireplace in the right part of your garden can take the chill out of the night stars, and can even make autumn nights comfortable for outdoor entertaining. Choose a fireplace design that blends well with other hardscape surfaces in your garden, and build it with an eye on safety first.

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Check local fire and building codes to determine how far from the house, other structures and property lines of your pinterest outdoor fireplace must be placed. Local regulations may also limit the size and dimensions of the outdoor fireplace. Draw your fireplace design to scale on grid paper. Use this drawing to compile a list of materials and the amount you will need to complement the fireplace. Clear the area around the fire site to ensure that no flammable plants, structures or materials are nearby. Place a large plastic tarp as a staging area next to the fireplace site.

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Organize all your content on the tarp before construction. Define the outline of the pinterest outdoor fireplace with landscape spray paint. Dig a foot trench around the perimeter of the fireplace. The foot must extend over your local frost line, and should have four inches of gravel in order to provide adequate drainage. Forming a dashed reinforcing grid of the area over which you will cooker hob plate, through lines lengths of rebar perpendicular to each other. Supporting grid of brick bolsters. Pour concrete foundations and concrete slabs for the fireplace. The plate should be 4 inches thick. Let it harden before proceeding.  Add the ash-block frame for the base of the hearth. Use the number of cinder blocks required to raise the core to the height of your design. Mortar blocks into place, using control strings and story boards to ensure the frame is level and plumb. Mortar J-bolts in the cavities in the top of corner ash blocks, to keep down the hearth tire.

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