River Rock for Landscaping Ideas

Feb 24th

River rock for landscaping – Rock compost stones are usually small stones or pebbles and do not require annual replacement. Rock compost can be used in rock gardens or herb gardens, but is not appropriate for perennial flower beds. Rock mulch absorbs a lot of heat and can increase water loss or damage to plants that cannot withstand prolonged heat. Rocks and blocks can be powerful design element in landscape design. They also require no maintenance!

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River rock for landscaping using rocks, boulders and stone as a design element and practical landscape materials are not only beautiful, but can be functional as well. Odd always look best in design. Use your stones or boulders in single or groups of three or five. Use a limited palette of color and texture. Too many different types of rock that looks messy. And if you want to blend in with the surrounding land, consider using local stones. Avoid large stones evenly as three-dimensional polka-dots. They may look slightly ridiculous. If you want a very controlled look, then arrange your stones in artistic patterns that flow with the overall garden design. Use a large, interesting shaped boulder or large stone grouping as a focal point. You can soften the stones by planting around them. For a Southwestern look, consider using succulents, cacti and other desert plants.

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River rock for landscaping can serve as rustic furniture, to mark a corner, line a road or to paint your house number on of your contribution. They can make a natural fountain or share a field from another in the form of a formal or informal wall. In the form of a riverbed rocks and stones can meander through your landscape share a room from another at the same time serve as a help drain line during heavy rain. Gravel can be used as compost and is particularly beautiful and functional in a cactus garden. Gravel gardens can be made in colors so they work as art all by themselves. Or gravel can spill out a way of walking. Asian Gardens looks peaceful when you use soft, rounded river rock. And fountains can be accented with textured gravel. These are just some ideas that you can use when you use the stones for the design of your garden.

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