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Mar 13th

Outdoor cushion box – I do not know about you, but I have a lot of things on my terrace, sherds, sacks, fertilizers, insecticides, stones, pruning shears, hoses … and that only plants, then there are more: The barbecue, candles, some tools, etc … Fortunately I have a resin cabinet that left me the old owner, a little ugly, those typical blue and gray plastic terrace cupboards. What bieeen … because with that I do not even have to start, so it is necessary to do something more storage and step to turn the horrendous closet. We will tune the closet and build a chest that serves as a bench to sit, so we kill two birds with one stone. Also with pallets we will make an auxiliary cart.

Bunnings Outdoor Cushion Box
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I started with the closet, which since I had it more at hand and had to see it every day … I bought two small cans of painted outdoor cushion box in a dark brown and ocher. I chose oil-glazed enamel that withstands the weather better. If the cabinet had been new the paint would have needed to apply a coat of primer, but having been in the sun, the plastic was more porous and did not need. First I painted the dark brown, then mixed both and traced with a thin brush the lightest streaks.

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It is necessary to do it when the first layer of dark brown outdoor cushion box is still wet, so that the colors are mixed a little creating a small gradient that softens the effect of the grain. This is more integrated with the wood of the planters. i could have painted the whole cabinet, but I think it would have been visually too heavy, so I chose to paint only the parts that imitate moldings, shooters and legs. The rest remained in the light gray that had, being a neutral color does not disagree with the rest of the terrace. Do not worry about that messy part of the terrace, a big change awaits you in the next post, because there will be our relax area.

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