Useful Small White Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Feb 25th

Small white bathroom wall cabinet – Bathroom in your home does not have a large area, but you can completely help the bathroom space become more comfortable thanks to the following tips. One of the most favorite designs today is the wall cabinets. With the effect of storing furniture, this cabinet is preferred in many interior spaces, especially for houses or apartments with limited area. If you are intending to design a new wall cabinet yourself, check out these unique ideas. These ideas are well suited to the small walls that connect different parts of the room.

The standard distance from the floor is 40 cm, just enough to make a closet in the wall without the floor space. With small bedrooms, you can fit a small white bathroom wall cabinet next to the wall to set alarm bells and other necessary items. Cabinets can also be fitted in small walls near the stove, making the shelves extremely convenient. In addition, the hidden cabinets are also used as a place to dry food when your kitchen has no space.

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Another chest of drawers for jewelery was mounted on a corridor wall near the locker room door. The designer was very smart when choosing the mirror door for the cabinet, just beautiful space for the tester to look at each other comfort when choosing jewelry. Taking advantage of the wall under the sink, the owner of the latter bathroom had a lovely closet for the supplies. Another impressive hidden bathroom design for the bathroom, but this is a giant cabinet with elegant design and very feminine. Design a small white bathroom wall cabinet in a sensible bathroom and take advantage of the space to “attach” to the bath and the wall is an idea if your room is small. See you soon!

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